July 7 - July 29

Tour de France


The Tour De France is perhaps the most prestigious and historically renowned cycling event in the entire world. This 23-day event holds daily races that alternate clockwise and counterclockwise directions, for a total distance of approximately 2,200 miles covered during this event. Approximately 20 teams with 9 riders each will participate in the Tour De France each year. Although the course structure changes each year, there are a variety of different terrains and topographies incorporated into this race, and the typical finish line is situated at the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Within this extensive tournament, there are a variety of different stages, timed trials, and sprints that contribute to an intricate point system, which ultimately determines the winner. The Tour De France is a culturally and economically significant competition because it attracts a plethora of spectators each year. Fans of this event have been known to camp out for weeks in order to claim the best spots along the course. The ticket revenues from various ceremonies such as the opening events, team presentations, and final awards are used to fund the event.

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