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Becoming A Marketing Representative

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The Marketing Representative role will allow individuals to be on the front line of One Concierge’s sales team. Working independently, from anywhere in your assigned territory One Concierge will empower you with the knowledge, tools, and access to provide unique, customized, and essential services to our client base whether already existing or new. One Concierge seeks to partner with motivated, determined, and goal oriented individuals around the world to continue providing value added, time saving, and cost effective concierge and lifestyle management solutions to help increase One Concierge’s physical presence to individuals and companies, alike.

Each individual selected to join the One Concierge Marketing Representative Program will act as an extension of the corporate brand. This responsibility is only given to individuals whom possess a proven track record and deep understanding of various disciplines. Examples of our current Marketing Representative’s professional backgrounds are that of hospitality or lifestyle management services, sales& business development, small business & entrepreneurship, event ticket procurement, luxury support services and fashion or entertainment. Marketing Representatives act as a face for One Concierge in their respective markets and as such are some of the most highly regarded concierge and lifestyle management specialists in our industry, today.

Financial Requirements

There is a One Concierge Marketing Representative Fee of $5,000 USD (paid annually) for assignment to any single city/territory not already occupied by other One Concierge personnel. This fee enables Marketing Representatives to utilize the One Concierge name/trademarks in conjunction with all products/services offered within their assigned territory/region. Marketing Representatives will also have the right to utilize the One Concierge logo and trademarks in any appropriate capacity deemed necessary, subject to the provisions of the Marketing Representative agreement (i.e.: vendor opportunities, marketing/promotional purposes). The initiation fee is due at the time of the signing of the Marketing Representative agreement.


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One Concierge recognizes that our Marketing Representatives play a major role in the success of our brand. Throughout the entire process our dedicated staff work directly with Marketing Representatives to assist them with understanding our brand while maximizing quality, service and optimizing revenue and profits.

One Concierge provides all of our Marketing Representatives with extensive support in a variety of areas from Procurement to Business Development and even Marketing and Advertising. One Concierge's Business Development department has spent years developing an extensive vendor/partner network, comprised of some of the most prestigious companies and partners in the luxury industry. One Concierge works closely with all of our suppliers to ensure our Marketing Representatives and their clients are fully supported around the clock and around the world.


One Concierge Marketing Representatives are exposed to a unique segment of the luxury industry, one that provides a consistent source of rewarding and unique experiences. Through exposure and growth with the Company, our Marketing Representatives offer unparalleled services to our clients around the globe. One Concierge's position as a leader in the concierge and lifestyle management industry could not be achieved without the support and value that our Marketing Representatives add to our global brand. Being a One Concierge Marketing Representative offers many advantages – from infastructure, technologoy solutions, the support of a global brand and much more; One Concierge empowers our Marketing Representatives with the tools required to build and grow the One Concierge brand in their own locality.


1) What is the revenue potential?

The success and revenue generated by a One Concierge Marketing Representative depends on numerous factors including volume sales, number of clients and effectively marketing and managing your sales territory.

2) Is One Concierge seeking Marketing Representatives in my area?

One Concierge is continually looking to expand its operations and routinely looks for opportunities for Marketing Representatives in new localities. Please inquire to discuss availability for Marketing Representative positions.

3) Does One Concierge offer Marketing Representative opportunities to businesses, partnerships or investors?

One Concierge Marketing Representative opportunities are only available to individuals. It is expecteded that all individuals applying for Marketing Representative opportunities are actively involved in the day to day operations of the business.

4) Does One Concierge offer Marketing Representative opportunities in international markets?

One Concierge is currently focusing on developing the Marketing Representative program within the United States. If you have an interest in a specific market please contact us to discuss availability.



One Concierge is a rapidly growing company looking to expand its network of employees and agents around the world. Always on the lookout for new talent to help grow our global presence, One Concierge is constantly seeking motivated, passionate, & business minded individuals to service our clients throughout the luxury concierge and lifestyle industry.

Interested in joining the One Concierge family? Browse the various opportunities we currently have available and/or speak with one of our Expansion Specialists to determine if the One Concierge Marketing Representative program is right for you.

For further information about the One Concierge Marketing Representative program please;

Email our Expansion team at:

Call us at: US: +1.800.628.9701

Or, simply request information to be considered for available Marketing Representative opportunities by using the application form below.