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Bratislava is a very important economic and cultural center of Slovakia in addition to its capital city. With an unparalleled historical beauty, Bratislava’s inner city has kept its beauty intact with narrow streets, Bratislava Castle situated on top of an 85m tall hill and the Danube River flowing right next to it.

With a large variety of different cultural influences, Bratislava offers a multitude of churches such as St. Martins Cathedral, historical monuments like the Slavin’s War Memorial or the Peace Earth sculpture in Hodzovo Square, palaces such as the Primate’s Palace which is the residence of the Mayor, and countless museums and galleries for its many visiting tourists.

However, Bratislava is not just made up of historical landmarks and medieval charm. The city also has a well-developed modern city center which offer visitors and businessman alike impressive high-rise skyscrapers and eye appealing architecture. Quickly becoming one of Europe’s epicenters for tourism and commerce Bratislava is sure to offer a unique cultural delight for all types of individuals looking to visit.

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