Chongqing Concierge Services

As one of the most heavily populated cities in ChinaChongqing is home to over 28 million residents and it is growing at an exponential pace! Its primary sources of economic prosperity include manufacturing and transportation, but the central business district is heavy with a variety of other commercial business. Chongqing is especially known for automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, and it just so happens to be a major military base providing weapons manufacturing as well as valuable research and development. Chongqing is also known for its abundance of natural resources, especially metals.

This prosperous city is situated amidst a variety of beautiful mountain ranges and resourceful rivers, leading to some pretty spectacular scenery. The sub-tropical climate and high amounts of rainfall, especially in the spring, result in rich vegetation and lush greenery. The extensive public transportation system makes this a very convenient destination for tourists and locals alike.

One Concierge, proudly offers a diverse range of concierge and lifestyle management services, providing both corporate and personal concierge services in Guangzhou. Through an ever expanding number of global relationships and partnerships, One Concierge can cater to an unlimited range of concierge requests around the globe. From ticket procurement and sporting events to private jets or VIP services, One Conciergeis committed to providing clients with unsurpassed service 24/7, 365 days a year.

To experience the simplicity and convenience of our Guangzhou based concierge services feel free to submit a request or for immediate assistance call us direct at +1 (800) 628 9701, our concierge specialists are able to answer your questions 24/7, 365 days a year.

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