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Renowned as the largest city as well as the capital of UkraineKiev is Ukraine’s hub for technology, medicine, education, culture and commerce. Kiev has a continuously expanding skyline that provides a combination of contemporary and historical architecture throughout the city with the central districts being the location for most modern buildings. There are famous historical landmarks scattered throughout the city for tourists to explore such as the St. Sophia Cathedral which is considered a ‘World Heritage Site’ or the Mariyinsky Palace, an architectural marvel. Apart from the extensive range of rich history to explore, Kiev is also culturally significant to Ukraine through its influence in the arts and media such as the Kiev Opera House, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre and much more.  Kiev is not only host to a variety of monuments, historical museums, botanical gardens and heritage sites but also has a prosperous economy and is the major source of commerce and business in Ukraine. Whether discovering the illustrious cultural and historical sights of Kiev, or enjoying a world of experiences in the Independence Square, Kiev is a constantly growing city that will provide an unforgettable experience and the most cherished memories.

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