Private Flight Advisors and One Concierge Announce Partnership

July 19, 2012

Boca Raton, FL, USA – July 19, 2012 – One Concierge (, a leading provider of concierge and lifestyle management services around the globe, announced today a partnership with Private Flight Advisors (, the premier boutique private jet charter and advisory firm. One Concierge and Private Flight Advisors aim to use each other’s services in a reciprocal manner to better assist each of their already existing discerning client-base.

We are very excited to see what this newly created partnership holds in our future

One Concierge will use Private Flight Advisors as a leading private aviation solution to provide its own clients with premium private jet charter services. Similarly, Private Flight Advisors will leverage this relationship to provide its clients with unsurpassed concierge needs both before take-off and after landing, when clients require additional support and lifestyle management.

By utilizing the most advanced technology, staff and specialist teams, both One Concierge and Private Flight Advisors are able to view service offerings, availability of aircraft and service providers for all aircraft and concierge requests. This enables both customer support teams to provide clients with the ultimate ease of access, up to date information, and of course minimal response times. By capitalizing on One Concierge’s strength in the growing concierge and hospitality market, Private Flight Advisors will be able to provide clients with a reliable source of service providers for any concierge request imaginable.

“We are very excited to see what this newly created partnership holds in our future,” remarked Dustyn Shroff, COO of One Concierge. “Private Flight Advisors is staffed with experts in the private aviation industry, and the combination of our knowledge and their specialty are a natural foundation for a long lasting relationship.”

Private Flight Advisors is the leading boutique private jet charter and advisory firm focusing on safety, value, service, and security. Private Flight Advisors is a Wyvern Authorized Broker

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