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Along with St. PaulMinneapolis is termed part of the Twin Cities region in the state of Minnesota. This particular metropolis is the most heavily populated area of the state, and just so happens to be a busy commercial and industrial hub that is known for a diverse range of different business endeavors. It is the corporate headquarter home for a variety of prominent US companies including Target, Wells Fargo, Ameriprise, and Valspar. It is also a heavy thoroughfare for business taking place between the other mega business cities of Seattle and Chicago.

Minneapolis was once acclaimed for flour production as well as the initial processing and preparations of raw timber, but has expanded its industrial and economic involvement into the areas of commerce, finance, and healthcareMinneapolis is also known for smaller-scale operations within the publishing, information technology, and fine arts sectors.

Some of the most popular tourists attractions and entertainment venues of Minneapolis include the Institute for Art, Target baseball field, the Mill City Museum, and a variety of different public parks.

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