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New York Concierge Services

With its diverse population and unique cultural influences, New York is a bustling metropolis that always offers more than the day before. The best of New York is the best of the best. Our luxury New York concierge services access the exclusive experiences that you can’t simply Google.

  • Local knowledge of New York’s most requested and highly rated venues
  • Exclusive partnerships and service agreements with New York vendors
  • Comprehensive service directory for New York’s most sought-after conveniences and comforts

Our industry exposure as the world’s number one concierge service gets you what you want, when you want it. Anything goes in the city that never sleeps.

Errand Running Services

Maintain the lifestyle of New York’s socialites and influencers. List maintenance can be a hassle. When you’re always on the go, our lifestyle management services handle your personal errands, whether you need a dog walk, a car wash, or a prescription pick-up. No request is too big or too small.

Restaurant Reservations

Enjoy lavish cuisine and upscale hospitality on opening night. Our high-end concierge services are dialed in to the most exclusive fine-dining restaurants, to make New York’s extravagant restaurant scene available to you. Clink glasses over menus crafted by the world’s greatest chefs.

VIP Nightlife and Club Reservations

Go beyond the velvet rope. Whether you’re planning a large celebratory event or an exceptional night on the town, our concierge management has connections to New York’s major social hubs that are off-the-market to the everyday consumer.

Exclusive and Private Tour Access

Avoid the tourist traps. In one of the most populated and visited cities on the planet, our New York concierge service books the historical hotspots known only to insiders. Custom itineraries ensure one-of-a-kind experiences for groups of all sizes.

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