Concierge Companies Are Forging Ahead in a Growing Luxury Sector

November 1, 2017

The specialized luxury concierge services around the world are pushing boundaries, extending their services and reach. Their clients comprise of über HNIs and enterprises wanting to stay on top of their game. Arman Motiwalla, founder, One Concierge, a global concierge, says, “We are seeing a large increase in demand from certain regions such as India, the UAE/GCC market, and of course the Far East.”


Analyses suggest that the luxury industry will continue to expand not just in India, but globally. Whether it is five-star hotels, fine dining, luxury vehicles, or putting together travel reservations; concierge and lifestyle services are at the centre of the luxury industry. “In the span of a few short years, we have seen our business grow from a small local concierge to a global enterprise with clientele and staff spanning the globe. Regardless of financial market trends, our clients’ needs for convenience, accessibility and expertise has been consistent. Our scope of services keeps evolving with the needs of our clients,” says Motiwalla. Some of their elite clients include heads of states, royal families of the Middle East, and Hollywood and Bollywood talents.


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