Wish fulfilment: Concierge services that make all things possible for their clients

December 7, 2016

Consider this. You want to propose to your girlfriend and you want it to be a rather private affair. But you are also looking for a grand gesture. How about on the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Too public? Or shutting it to the world for a while as you create a memory worth cherishing?

It’s what Quintessentially Lifestyle, a UK-based concierge company founded in 2000, recently did for a client.

While concierge services have been around for a while, making life easy for time-strapped individuals, taking care of everything from walking their dogs to picking up their dry cleaning and making arrangements for travellers all over the world, whether it be last-minute restaurant reservations or access to clubs, parties and special events, it is such bespoke experiences that they have come to epitomise with their elite memberships.

And from arranging a romantic dinner on an iceberg to rides on the back of MotoGP bikes, they don’t just organise what someone wants but also anticipate their needs or suggest experiences they’d never have thought of.   (Read more at www.forbesindia.com)