UniQ’e Experiences

What Is UniQ’e?

UniQ’e is an exclusive collection of luxury & bespoke offerings, developed by our international team of lifestyle management experts. The UniQ’e portfolio provides access to an exceptional global selection of authentic experiences from around the globe. Each of our experiences is designed to meet the highest expectations of our discerning clientele, providing an unparalleled offering that is distinctive, exclusive & truly unique.

UniQ’e Experiences

Serving clients in over 115 countries, the UniQ’e portfolio of experiences is aided by a global network of over 10,000 vendors, partners & solution providers, allowing One Concierge to provide clients with a unique collection of luxury experiences in all corners of the world. From arranging private celebrity performances to luxury escapes in the most remote regions on the planet, One Concierge provides an exclusive collection of bespoke services & customized  solutions, creating the ultimate unique experience no matter where life takes you.

Corporate Solutions

The UniQ’e portfolio of experiences is available for a variety of corporate solutions such as corporate incentive events, promotional venues, private events, product launches, conventions & much more. White labelling services also offer an exclusive opportunity to market & brand our unique bespoke services & experiences under your own corporate identity.

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