Sporting Events


A leading concierge solution provider, One Concierge has access to thousands of international sporting events, offering ticket procurementevent access and VIP seating for any sporting event around the globe. From Major League Baseball, to the National Football League (NFL), the PGA Tour, and many more, One Concierge is your premier choice for sporting ticketshigh profile events and VIP access.

One Concierge offers direct access to these sporting events through the One Concierge Network™, a network of over 10,000 global solution providers, partners and affiliates. Through our extensive network we are able to procure tickets to virtually any sporting event around the world as well as hard to obtain, high demand and last minute sporting tickets. With over 50,000 events to choose from, One Concierge covers 99% of the arenas, and sporting venues around the world ensuring that clients have access to each and every sporting event they choose.

Clients can rest assured that all tickets are authentic and procured directly from event organizers and/or official promoters, teams, vendors, and suppliers for each event to ensure peace of mind on every purchase.

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