Your Wish Is Their Command

August 12, 2017

Anyone who regularly travels to new destinations – either for business or pleasure – will understand the appeal of a lifestyle concierge service. By employing an expert concierge assistant to hone your itinerary, you can enhance your travel experience in a multitude of ways. Offering everything from personal chauffeurs to dinner bookings at the world’s most sought-after restaurants, concierge services offer members exceptional privileges, VIP treatment and outstanding attention to detail – that is, if you choose the right one.

When considering a concierge service, the key things to look for are testimonials from existing members and examples of how the service has gone above and beyond to fulfill the requests of their clientele. If there’s a sought after Hermès bag or exceptionally rare Patek Philipe watch you thought was unattainable, the best concierge services could prove you wrong. As well as meeting logistical requests and travel itineraries, many concierge experts have genie-like qualities and can often accomplish the seemingly impossible. Boasting charitable foundations and niche services too, you will find all sorts of appealing features from the best lifestyle companies.

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