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Ljubljana is both the capital city and largest city in the country of Slovenia. With a rich cultures containing influences from both the Slavic and the Germanic origins its strategic geographic position has made it highly desirable by many. Today, Ljubljana serves as the epicenter of culture, education, politics and economics throughout all of Slovenia.

Though Ljubljana center has been intact for centuries its booming economy and growing tourism market make it a great destination for all those looking to experience the quintessential Slavic culture. With a rich architecture, Ljubljana offers a mix of styles that gives the impression of a uniqueskyline most clearly demonstrated in its bridges and cathedrals such as the Dragon and Cobbler’s Bridges and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas or the Ljublijana Orthodox Church.

However, the beauty of Ljubljana definitely lies in the many recreational parks, gardens, city squares and roadways that connect several districts with the old and new towns. Ljubljana’s mixture of origins also make it a great place to experience local culture offering visitors a variety of mom and pop shops and trade shows.

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