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Historically celebrated as host to the Inca Empire, one of the oldest civilizations, Peru is not only a culturally and historically prominent destination but also one of the most widely visited countries in South America. Apart from its historical significance, Peru also boasts stunning landscapes consisting of the scenic Peruvian rainforest as well as the Alpamayo, a mountain peak located in the National Park and the famous Amazon River. Peruvian culture plays a major role in the arts industry, influencing pottery, textiles, jewelry and sculptures as well as shaping music with Spanish, Andean and African origins. Peru provides a widespread variety of cuisines and a unique culinary experience with a combination of Spanish and Amerindian food that is derived from African, Italian, Chinese, Arab and Japanese sources. From exploring the remnants of the Inca Empire to experiencing traditional Peruvian culture, Peru continues to be an ideal location that will provide remarkable experiences and unforgettable memories.

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