One Concierge & Legacy Concierge Provide Access to Local Concierge Services in South Africa

October 4, 2012

Boca Raton, FL, USA – October 4, 2012 – One Concierge (, a luxury concierge and lifestyle brand, today announced additional client support in the country of South Africa through an agreement with Legacy Concierge, a full service personal concierge and lifestyle manager to support all local and international travelers, corporates, and any elite members of the general public. One Concierge frequently serves clients around the world and is now very excited to be able to extend its services into the country of South Africa. Through Legacy Concierge’s local expertise, One Concierge can assist those who are in need of personalized travel plans, accommodation services, must do activities, and much more. The addition of Legacy Concierge to the One Concierge Network™ will enhance One Concierge’s service offerings to both personal and corporate clients who are either living in South Africa or are looking to spend time in South Africa for business or pleasure. With the hands-on support of Legacy Concierge, One Concierge will be able to carry out and perform a variety of personalized requests for each client through the use of an individual, direct hands-on connection in South Africa.

Legacy Concierge has been founded and is based in South Africa; with a network of professional and experienced affiliates as support, Legacy Concierge can hep in times when you are in need of a crisis management team, or a social secretary and lifestyle assistant. The company’s goal is to cater to those 24/7 requests, gain the trust of new clients, and continue to expand its service portfolio. Through Legacy Concierge, One Concierge can further assist clients with requests such as: Exotic vehicle rentals, Personal concierge services, VIP Airport services, VIP Security Services, Corporate services, Fine Dining, Event Access, Premium Cigar procurement, exclusive watch procurement, and more in South Africa. One Concierge is confident that the addition of Legacy Concierge will provide clients in this region with a variety of localized lifestyle management services that they have come to expect from One Concierge.

One Concierge retains a client base that benefits from full service providers that can assist with clients that frequently need personal, hands-on assistance with a focus on travel and event planning. Now with direct access to a variety of concierge services and various personal assistance channels in South Africa, One Concierge clients can utilize Legacy Concierge’s services whenever they need them, whether traveling for business or pleasure.