One Concierge Unveils Re-Vamped Membership Packages & Offerings

June 23, 2013

Boca Raton, Florida, USA (June 23, 2013) – Concierge and Lifestyle Management company, One Concierge ( today proudly announced that it has re-introduced and re-vamped their entire Membership portfolio to better meet the demands of both new and existing members from around the world. The newly designed Membership offerings aim to create a formidable solution for One Concierge’s discerning clientele. As One Concierge understands that all individuals are truly unique, it has created introduced one new options and completely redesigned its previous three offerings. Each of the four membership packages each bring value added benefits that build upon one another to truly provide clear and distinct differences between each of the Membership levels. Specializing in the highest quality luxury services, One Concierge is proud to introduce these reformatted Membership levels to its global audience.

The newest addition to the Membership portfolio is the Travel Membership priced at $1,000 a year which will allow members to make requests for hotel bookings, rental car reservations, and commercial flight arrangements. The Travel Membership will cater to the needs of families, small business owners who are constantly on the go and even upper level executives who are looking for the best possible rates in the least amount of time for their upcoming personal/business travel. A small $30 booking fee exists for each booking at this level. For clients interested in more than just simple travel fulfillment, One Concierge has completely reinvented its Executive Membership ($3,000/year) to allow for prospective members to literally customize a membership tailored to their own needs by selecting four different components ranging from private events package, private party package, reservation services, local errand running, personal shopping, commercial events, and more. For clients interested in having an all-encompassing level of service, the Bespoke Membership offered at $8,000 a year provides comprehensive coverage to assist members with all of the available (selectable) options from the Executive Level. The Bespoke Membership removes the limitations of only being able to select four service packages and instead gives the member all of the options along with a dedicated account manager. Topping off the Membership packages is still the Lifestyle Membership priced at $18,000 a year which not only brings a dedicated account manager, but also brings with it components of various advanced offerings such as: personal consultation/lifestyle management, day to day calendar keeping (virtual), branding/image management, and even property management. Each of the top three levels of Membership also boast no additional service fees whatsoever. Each of these membership offerings can be customized and then purchased easily and securely on our corporate website at

One Concierge’s Chief Operating Officer, Dustyn Shroff states, “We realized that there was a need to make our Memberships more defined from one another while maintaining the value in each of them every step of the way. We believe that we have been able to once again capture both the essence and service of One Concierge throughout the entire portfolio and are excited to see how these newly defined offerings continue to add to the success of One Concierge’s membership platform.”

To learn more about this offer or for any questions or concerns please contact Samuel Cabrera directly at [email protected]